I have worked with a plethora of people in sales and marketing for 30 years now - both in the capacity of an ordinary employee and an independent business owner.

In 2010 I chose to focus on Network Marketing, because this business model offers many exciting opportunities for the entrepreneurs who want to create their own business without any unnecessary financial risks.

Network Marketing is the distribution model of the future, and my goal is to contribute by spreading information about the opportunities of this concept - since a lot of people confuse it with pyramid schemes.

On a daily basis I work with a team of skilled colleagues, who (like myself) are really passionate about the distribution model and the company which we have chosen to work with.

If YOU want greater personal freedom you should view these small video clips and sunsequently find exactly that company which offers products that you are willing to endorse. Products that you want to use yourself - every single day.

And please check out the links page, where you will find a book that I recommend highly.

Have fun!